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Jupiter Rear Suspension Modification

From: Andrew Henshall (E1SA433R)
Category: Jupiter
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Date: 14 Jul 2003
Time: 00:43:50


I have just finished restoring the rear suspension of our Jupiter E1SA433R back to original by removing the modification made some time prior to 1968. These modifications comprised the fitment of an additional transverse leaf spring which was suspended off a channel section welded between the diaginal chassis tubes above the axle centreline. Two sliding contact spring seats were welded to the axle tubes in place of the bump stops. The standard torsion bar suspension was retained, so the transverse leaf probably acted mainly under high load conditions or heavy cornering. Unfortunately the leaf spring was missing when I bought the car in the 80s.

The car also had a lightweight tow-bar "gooseneck" welded directly to the rear chassis tube, so perhaps the additional transverse sping was needed for towing. I have also removed the "gooseneck" & restored the rear chassis tube to original.

Has anyone else seen a Jupiter with a transverse leaf spring added to the rear suspension?

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