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Re: Bradford Lorry

From: Philip Dingle
Category: Bradford
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Date: 10 Jul 2003
Time: 03:32:03


I think you will find that Bradfords are something else; Quite unlike modern machinery, and require a different driving style. In common with most vehicles of pre-war origin, while on the straight and narrow, the steering wheel should only be gripped very lightly and it should be allowed to be lively in the hands. A light grip is used to encourage the car to go in the general direction intended, a firm grip will allow the deficiencies of the steering gear to do what they want, when they want. But perhaps you already knew this, and are driving appropriately?

In addition the the items that Keith has mentioned, I would add look for soft front springs which may have settled. This will change the castor angle, and I think this was the cause of the malady that afflicted my Bradford. Hitting a pothole in the right way and speed would cause the steering the thrash violently from lock to lock at it's quite high natural frequency, and with such force that to attempt to control it would undoubtedly cause broken wrists. If I was surprised when it occured, so where the other road users who were approached by a van whose wheels were flapping wildly and apparently out of control. There was nothing for it but to let the wayward energy gradually decay.

I enjoyed my Bradford.

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