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Re: Aluminum Radiators for Jupiters

From: Scott Renner
Category: Technical
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Date: 28 Jun 2003
Time: 18:47:52


Here's the latest. From the front view, the new rad will appear much the same. The mounts will be exact duplicates of the original. The inlet and outlet pipes will be in the correct positions.

The filler neck/cap will be a modern size, not the original "wide mouth" type. The overflow tube from the original will become a thread-in pipe barb which uses a length of hose, as per modern practice. There will be a threaded boss for the heater outlet in place of the arched tube of the original. The water temp bulb will fit in the original location, BUT the rear overhang of the top header tank will not be there. In other words, the top header tak will be only as deep (wide?) as the core itself. In profile,the rad will be norrower at the header tank.

It will be a down flow, single pass unit, as is the original. The core will be about 2.5 inches thick and be a dual row.

I am advised that an aluminum rad of standard Jupiter dimensions should be capable of cooling a 200hp motor! I have told them let's see, as the cooling system is very inefficient!

The price quote is currently at US$445 based on 5 units, exclusive of shipping. More orders would lower the per unit cost. I am ordering through a friend's race shop, so this price is the wholesale price without any mark-up. Retail on this would be $625. The first article should be in my hands within two weeks.

I will work on shipping costs when the weight is calculated. More info to come. Questions, comments and rants are welcome!

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