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Re: Radio - Vintage correct version wanted - collecting info

From: Ian Howell
Category: Technical
Remote Name:
Date: 20 Jun 2003
Time: 13:07:57


Many years ago I had a Javelin which was then fitted with an HMV radio. This had a separate 'box' in the engine compartment about 8ins cube, which held the valves and dc to ac converter (it 'buzzed' when in use).

The 'radio' part, which was about the same size as the modern units,had all the tuning and wavechange switches and was connected to the 'box' but a thick multicore cable with a plug on the end - about 20 pins.

The aerial was nothing special, just looked right for the period.

Unfortunately I cannot recall the model No. but a number of people commented at the time that the 'official' radios were HMV. I hope this might help.

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