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Re: AEV 172

From: Bernard Herring
Category: Pre War
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Date: 06 May 2003
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Thanks for your response about AEV 172; my apologies for not checking your posting sooner.

My Dad bought the car about 1955 in Ilford from an old lady who had owned it from new and treated it like a baby. I believe he paid 50 pounds.

It was very distinctive in many ways, we could hear Dad coming home several blocks away, thanks to the two huge cylinders and the squealing brakes.

Every trip was an adventure. I remember the huge back seat, dad built a saddle-like contraption that fit over the transmission tunnel, so I had plenty of room to sit when the back seat was full. No seat-belts in those days!

Rough roads produced some interesting effects; On more than one occasion the leaf springs actually turned inside out. And one time cresting a hump-back bridge all the doors flew open.

Dad wasn't a purist - he installed a pair of modern semaphore turn-signals on the couling - after that we couldn't open the Windscreen any more.

After he had rebuilt the Engine, he decided the car needed sprucing up, so it got a coat of Royal Blue Valspar that nearly matched the original colour.

Hills were a bit of a problem - on a trip to Margate we all had to get out and walk while Dad drove up Rochester Hill in first gear.

My sister and I recall a rainy holiday on Dartmoor, sitting in the back seat catching the rain that came through the wooden frame of the sunshine roof, which was later permanently sealed shut.

There are probably more memories to be dredged up. I would be interested to learn any other facts about the car.

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