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Re: Horn Slip Ring fitment

From: keith murphy
Category: Jupiter
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Date: 16 Nov 2002
Time: 07:47:06


The horn slip ring on the steering column is a brass bush on a plastic isolator. You have to remove the outer column cover sleeve, and then you will see the slip ring, then you look to see if the crimp(attatched to the wire)is still soldered to the slip ring, if not, recrimp it on and resolder the crimp in place, then file smooth and polish where the horn brush rides.The slip ring brush holder is held on with a spring clip, around the column, grabbing the brush holder. Oddly, if the slip ring is bad, you have to cut the universal off to press on the new slip ring and isolator plastic (LHD USA Jupiter), the later removable universal joint may avoid this problem.

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