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Re: Jupiter electrical rewire

From: Tony Bittle
Category: Jupiter
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Date: 11 Oct 2002
Time: 14:48:43


I have the same job facing me... If you are a member of the Jupiter Owners' Auto Club of England, it appears (from the flyer that they have sent me), that they have reproduced the original harnesses. Being a street rodder, I know that there are a lot of great companies out there now that produce wiring kits. They won't be specific to the Jupiter, but I am sure they would work with you to get as close as possible. Painless Wiring is one company that comes to mind. You can pick up a copy of Street Rodder, or Rod and Custom at the newstands, and find probably 5 or 6 companies that can provide harness kits. If you are going for a 100% original restoration, then I am sure there are several options that I am not aware of, having just purchased my first Jupiter... -Good Luck, Tony

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