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Re: Jupiter Seat Belts/Harness

From: c.d.freudenberg
Category: Technical
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Date: 03 Jul 2002
Time: 12:52:35


The Jupiter has a very strong chassis to which the the roll cage can be attached. Mine has a hard top which is quite roomy because I'm tall (it also has a 1950's Morris Minor rear screen for better vision & has lights for better safety in urban traffic).

The three seat belts fitted for the bench seat to my Jupiter are full harness three point fixed belts. They were fitted by Dennis Sparrow. I discussed the matter with him. We met at a belt suppliers showroom in Chiswick, London, Autostorica / Grand Prix Racewear Ltd for me to try out alternative belts.

Subsequently, a roll cage was fitted to my Jupiter within my hard top.

Seat belts fitted on an open car make it worse for passengers if the car turns over. Trusting to being thrown clear is mythology which many Jupiter owners & others with old & modern cars live dangerously with, decapitation being more likely.

Autostorica / Grand Prix Racewear Ltd referred me to Safety Devices Ltd for fitting a roll cage. I spoke with Pete Dixon who know a lot about the dangers of motor racing & Jupites. Pete came to look at my car with it's hard top & reassured me that a roll cage could be fitted to my car.

Safety Devices Ltd retained the six lower fixing points which Dennis had made to fix three belts to my car. The three single upper belt fixing points are to my roll cage, i.e. to a roll cage member which lies going parralel & just behind the top of the Jupiter bench seat back.

Roll cages on historic cars fitted by Safety Devices ltd are unboltable. For museum display/exhibiting, rather than normal driving, my roll cage can be removed (unbolted) and the normal tonneau put on (the plates on to which the roll cage is bolted being hidden behind the seat back).

Not wanting to be decapitated, Dennis Sparrow and Pete Dixon know Safety Devices ltd work very well, (roll cage & belts fitted to the R1 Jupiter).

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