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AVV 816

From: Malcolm Buckler
Category: Javelin
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Date: 25 Mar 2002
Time: 11:31:16


Can anyone put me in touch with the registrar of Jowett Javelins please?

My late father, who was the designer and producer of Buckler Cars ran one in the mid 1950's and drove it from his home in Berkshire to Rome and back, amongst other extensive motoring holidays.

Reg was AVV 816, from a forgotten negative found in the attic this week. It was beige I think or metallic gold. I would think it was a de Luxe version, as it had fancy pearl dashboard fittings and lots of folding armrests.Upholstery was brown leather.

Dad previously had a Jaguar but considered the Javelin was quicker through cut and thrust country roads and any Jaguar coming into his sights was fair game for a hair raising dice up.

It seemed reliable but of course there were all of Buckler Cars staff and facilities to sort out any problems. I recall it let us down just twice but never when we were away on holiday. Once the head blew and a couple of cylinders filled with water and the other time the gearbox seized after my elder brother has been squeezing every ounce out of the poor car.

It was sold on to a Mr. Paul who ran Knights Garage in Reading, Berks. He resprayed it, posibly changing from beige to pale gold and ran it as his own personal transport. Both these owners kept it well up to scratch and I have often wondered if it may have survived? (Buckler Car Register)

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