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Re: Javelin Reverse Selector Gate -- LHD

From: Eric Aldcroft
Category: Technical
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Date: 28 Feb 2002
Time: 21:38:26


Just to complete this one-sided discussion! Clearly I still had a problem and I thought it may relate to the orientation of the selector change nut on the shaft (which I had regarded as fixed). Of course when I dismantled the assembly again this was clearly the case. It's obvious really that with the three helical grooves there are three possible positions 120 appart. Given that additional variable which is perhaps addressed in the maintenance manual with the statement: "Place the selector nut in position", and with careful consideration of the orientation I managed to assemble the thing correctly. Now, of course the selector pin faces the other way and the gate functions as it should. All very straightforward really; but it certainly fooled me for quite a while!

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