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Javelin Reverse Selector Gate -- LHD

From: Eric Aldcroft
Category: Technical
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Date: 19 Feb 2002
Time: 00:32:30


I have been overhauling my column gearchange, the original operability of which is unknown to me. When reassembled, with what I am reasonably confident is the correct orientation of the selector and gearchange levers at the end of the column, the squared end of the reverse lock plunger is on the opposite side from the gear lever. It appears that it does not work correctly with this orientation which is contrary to the illustration in my PC/PD/PE maintenance manual; but that illustration is for a RHD car. Any suggestions or alternatives to this frustrating gate arrangement (which I can't really see -- at least at this stage of the process) would be greatly appreciated.


Eric Aldcroft

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