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Denmark event update Second weekend 10 Aug

From: keith clements
Category: Social
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Date: 03 Feb 2002
Time: 22:40:59


FYI. Latest from IB.

Ib has secured two good events for those staying for both weekends. Note that some people will be arriving for the racing on the previous weekend 3/4 August. This mail describes a scenic run with some competition the following weekend August 10/11 for those attending the JOAC dinner. The touristy things could probably be done any time but if we re to do things together we will need to know who is coming and when to organise hotels, buses, and the itinerary. Obviously we will have lots more detail once we know who is coming and when.

Just heard the Californian's may be coming, but not in Stars and Stripes, which has been showing the flag around and about Huntington Beach, so if you have a place for Jim in a car going to Denmark please let him know!

Please use discussion forum on to keep up with the news.

Search for Denmark!

regards Keith Clements

-----Original Message----- From: Ib Rasmussen [] Sent: 02 February 2002 12:14 To: Subject: denmark event

Dear Keith

This could be the program if people with ferry not could be here Thursday 8 august

This could be the program : All cars together too Dutch and Belgian /Hamburg? Meet in Fredensborg with people from the ferry to Esbjerg and the Danish people, the 7 august about 6 p.m. (Esbjerg to Fredensborg 280 km, Kruså to Fredensborg 320km, Rødby to Fredensborg 180km.) The Evening cut spend to visit Fredensborg , Frederiksborg or Kronborg.

Thursday 8 august all on bus tour too Copenhagen, I think is the best because three is no parking for cars in Cristiania. There wee meet The Sommer bodied Jupiter. Then on for a harbour tour on the canal and visit the Queens house. On the way back visit the Ole Sommer Museum in Nærum to see a Javelin, Jupiter, Bradford a special car that has a Bradford engine and about 35 others old cars. Then visit my garage in Grønholt. Then all in own cars to A small Danish BBQ in the evening on Nivå Harbour in case of rain ít will be held in my car club house in Nivå.

Friday 9 August all together leave in own cars to visit Egeskov castle ( <>) (about200km) and meet one javelin owner. Lunch there. About 2.30 p.m. all leave for Lindved ( about 70 KM ) to visit Poul Bertelsen. He will show all his cars. Than to Munkebjerg Hotel to eat and sleep and meet some of the Danish people in old cars there also sleep hire.

Saturday 10 August All cars leave for Vejle here will bee about 60-70 old cars to some thing call Munkebjerg run, we will be starting in the town square and the mayor will send group of 10 cars away, there will be competition for cars and drivers, driving in some of Denmark’s most beauty full country, lunch and visit some castles. Saturday evening we are invited to a big dinner in Hotel Munkebjerg

Sunday after breakfast I think the official is over and people can take home or visit Ribe or the island Rømø and than be in Esbjerg in right time for ferry.


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