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Denmark event update

From: Keith Clements
Category: Social
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Date: 16 Jan 2002
Time: 22:01:40


Competitor’s program.

Practice Saturday in Roskilde about 40km from Copenhagen. Maybe this will be on the racetrack in Copenhagen if the license is received from the police.

Racing is on Sunday all day. There will be a place for all cars inside the race track.

Provisional program for Jowett owners.

Thursday 1st August.

Dutch and Belgian travellers plus Channel crossers meet with people from the ferry to Esbjerg and Hamburg and the Danish people. All cars meet together then eat and sleep in Vejle with visit to Jupiter of Poul Bertelsen.

Friday 2nd August.

All together to visit Egeskov Charsel <>) (about 70km) and meet one Javelin owner. Lunch there. About 2 p.m. leave for Fredensborg ( about 200 KM ) to stay in a hotel called Country House. A Danish barby in the evening. This castle looks phenomenal with something to see and do for all. I can print off a booklet for those without Internet.

Saturday 3rd August.

One group to race, the rest take a bus (maybe an old 1950 one) tour of Copenhagen. This is the best because there is no parking for cars in Cristiania. There we see the Sommer bodied Jupiter. Then a harbour tour on the canal and visit the Queen’s house. On the way back, visit the Ole Sommer Museum in Nærum to see a Javelin, Jupiter, Bradford, a special car that has a Bradford engine and about 35 other old cars. Then visit my garage in Grønholt followed by a big Dinner in the evening for all.

Sunday 4th August.

All cars drive to special area on race field. Non-racegoers could do some tourist things in Copenhagen.

Subsequent days could be organised if desired.

That would be the program if we go for the weekend 3-4 August. Other weekends would be similar but Ib would organise a rally with some other cars in place of the race.

Also the getting to and from Denmark will be organised around dates of the travellers but we do need to know your intentions.

Clearly Ib needs to know ASAP who may be going so please mail, email or phone, Keith Clements, Comp Sec.

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