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Re: Chain Tensioner Assembly

From: John Marshall
Category: Javelin
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Date: 13 Jan 2002
Time: 06:46:37


Hi it's 15 years since I last owned a Jowett (My late father Alex and I owned 5 + Javelins and Bradfords in NZ during the 1980s)

Having stared at the insides of numerous Javelin motors, the only time I saw timing chain tensioners fitted, they were aftermarket additions.

The popular mod in NZ (pioneered by Leo Padman I believe) was to use a Hillman Hunter chain tensioner (a simple rubber shoe with a spring metal strip to tension it) and to drill a hole thru the timing chain cover housing to locate it (using a suitable bolt with sealing washer and nylock nut to prevent oil leaks).

I did this mod to a PE series motor which I organised the rebuilding of for my Javelin .

Whilst on the topic of timing chains and covers, another useful mod was to source a new dipstick and to rebush the dipstick hole. The combination of the new dipstick and bushing eliminated an annoying rattling noise that afflicted many "clapped out" Javelin motors.

regards John Marshall Christchurch NZ

(At work I still have a Javelin piston with a half crescent hole punched in it by a valve as a reminder of my Jowett days...)

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