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Bradford Van

From: David A Jones
Category: Bradford
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Date: 06 Jan 2002
Time: 23:22:27


My parents-in-law owned Jowett cars in the 1930's and so when they decided to give us a vehicle as a wedding present in 1959 we were not 'put off' by a Bradford van RPF 919 that was for sale in London. We had both just passed our driving tests - in Morris Minors - but enjoyed the Bradford enormously. We went to Wales on honeymoon - a good friend of the family filmed our send off in the bradford. We returned on one cylinder. I spent some time trying to solve the problem of the one cylinder not working, but a decoke and a resetting of the valve clearances solved it. The following summer we went to Scotland. No problems this time except for coach drivers who carried on down single track roads, forcing us into the passing places. Eventually I had a half hour stand off with one driver, but had to give in because his instructions were not to back on mountain roads. One Sunday we drove right round the Cairngorms, starting in Aviemore. We parted with the Bradford for a new A35 van, but we still have nostalgic feelings for the Bradford.

I have two Morris Minors here, but would like to own a Bradford again after we return to the UK in a few years time.

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