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Re: competition

From: Doug
Category: Jupiter
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Date: 02 Jan 2002
Time: 09:25:37


Thanks for your reply, Keith. So far, I have used my car for sprints and regularity runs, which are usually five lap nominated time competitions. My sprint class is 1300-1600 cc, pre-1960 sports cars, so I am usually up against a crop of MGAs, Triumphs and the odd special. Although the Jupiter is never disgraced, I could do with more of everything. I do not wish to make major alterations like gearboxes etc. Although I have moved the steering wheel forward 80mm and shifted the gear lever to the floor. Brian Holmes has helped me a great deal, both with this modification and with the fitting of roller bearings to the front wheels, a camshaft, lightweight pistons and slightly higher compression ratio. I have fitted a special radiator and Cooper S type oil cooler. There is a photo of my car in Ed's Jupiter site magazine overflow page. This was taken at my first Leyburn Sprints in 1999. Since then I have competed two more years with a third place this year. Thanks a lot, Doug.

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