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Re: competition

From: keith clements
Category: Technical
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Date: 01 Jan 2002
Time: 11:38:17


Well done Doug for being the first posting in 2002! Hopefully you have trawled the Motorsport archives on and looked at Ed's site to see what has been done. Clearly we race and rally, sprint and hillclimb mainly with Jups but Javelin and pre-war have competed. There is a book called competition tuning notes produced by Jowetts plus there are many mods that individuals have tried, ranging from suspension, exhaust, carbs and inlet to pistons and cams. Hopefully your question might prompt them to disclose their competitive tweaks so that we can all catch them up! Please keep posting with specific questions and when I find time I will put on the site. let me know what competation you are planning down in aus. The Caudos would be good to talk to.

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