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Chain Tensioner Assembly

From: Ted Miller
Category: Technical
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Date: 10 Dec 2001
Time: 23:03:43


Has anyone ever run across a Jowett made timing chain tensioner fitted to a Javelin or Jupiter engine? Some years ago I disassembled a Javelin engine that had such a device fitted. At the time I figured it was a later non-Jowett addition. Recently though, I came across the following in a circa 1951 Jupiter Spares List.


54318-1-Chain Tensioner & Shoe Assembly Complete. 54317-1-Chain Tensioner Shoe Strap. 54316-1-Chain Tensioner Shoe. 54319-1-Chain Tensioner Buffer Spring. 54321-1-Chain Tensioner Pivot.

So, now I wonder that this might have been a Jowett fitment. My recollection is that the crankcase mentioned above was numbered in the 18,000s which would have been right for 1951. I don't recall ever hearing that Jowetts fitted such a device and the other Javelin and Jupiter parts lists that I have do not seem to mention it. I probably still have the bits - SOMEWHERE?

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