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John Blanckley and the Inca Trail

From: Keith Clements
Category: Social
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Date: 09 Dec 2001
Time: 23:27:06


Spent yesterday with John on the pretext of giving him the JOAC summer trophy that was a tankard won by Alf Thomas who raced a Jup in the 50s. Anyhow also congratulated him on finishing the Mother of Rallies. Please visit to see just what transpired and expired. Even though he was only back 3 days I caught John working on his 1920 Rolls. Started by cleaning the carb, then the petrol gauge which is a marvellous mechanical affair with a crown wheel and dial indicator., then cleaned the Autovac with its ingenious pump action a forerunner of the SU mecahnism by the looks of it. All the works was gummed up with old petrol that had coated everything with shellac. Only cellulose thinners would shift it. Carburettor cleaner would not. The filters in the tank were fine gauses. and the one in the carb about one hundred brass disks with tiny radial grooves in them. Probably 30 man hours just making those!

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