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Re: tires for Jupiter

From: Huntley H. Perry
Category: Jupiter
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Date: 27 Nov 2001
Time: 20:37:39


Hi Keith,

I have no objection to you posting the subject message. However, there is a follow-up re tyres for the 1/5 scale model Jupiter.

Our astute friend Ted Miller suggested that the tyres came from ashtrays. I had totally forgotten about this, having given up smoking 20 years ago. I checked my ashtrays and found a Dunlop "diamond tread", although in size 5.70x15 rather than 5.50x15. The O.D. was about 6" which translates into 1/5 scale. Ed Nankivell has confirmed that he heard the model builder started with the ashtray tyres and scaled the model accordingly. I presume the model builder could only round up three diamond treads and substituted another make (Dunlop?) on the LF. Random thought: does the model have a spare? If so, what make tyre?

I don't have time at present to post the message as we having the heating/cooling system replaced this week, which includes major digging up of the front pasture to install a closed loop coil, as the system is a geo-thermal type. I have to take down some fencing to allow access between the pasture and the house, and many other related tasks.

Best regards,


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