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Re: tires for Jupiter

From: Ted Miller
Category: Jupiter
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Date: 27 Nov 2001
Time: 20:07:47


Dear Rick, Huntley et al;

Further to Huntley's interesting letter regarding tires I might ad the following.

The Jowett produced Jupiter Technical Data folders dated October 1951, January 1952 and July 1953 all state "5.50x16 Goodyear Tyres" Likewise, the Javelin Technical Data folders for October 1948, October 1951, January 1952 and July 1953 all state "5.25x16 Goodyear tyres"

I wonder if anyone reading this has come across any of these data folders other than the ones list above or perhaps any examples in languages other than English? If so, I would be very pleased to hear from you about them.

Regarding the photos of the assembly line on page 26 of the "Jupiter" book. The front car on the top photo is definately LHD. Note the location of the brake fluid reservoir. I would assume that the others are as well and that they are most likely headed for Angell Motors in Pasadena as there is no provision for trafficators and what looks like the flasher relay is visible on the one car behind the wiper motor. Probably mid-1952 at the earliest. Note also the VM carbs, AC air-cleaners, engine-mounted oil cooler and the lack of chassis mounted engine surround. In the photo on page 106 of the "Jowett" book on can discern trafficators and, just barely on the second car, the chassis mounted surrounds and the tubing for the Vokes air-cleaner; as well as the diamond treads.

Shortly after I purchased E4/SCL/968 in the seventies I was able to contact its original purchaser who had kept much of the original documentation of the purchase. Amongst the items was a Goodyear tire-care booklet for the Jowett. This documentation is still with the car which is now owned by John Kenna.

Unfortunately, none of this explains why those cars in the photos don't have diamond treads. I am not a tire expert. I wonder if Goodyear made non diamond treads - I would think so, but those tires do look like Dunlops to me. Also, I've never come across a supplier of appropriate sized diamond treads.

All the best,

Ted Miller

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