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Re: Denmark 2002- New Details from Ib

From: Keith Clements
Category: Social
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Date: 13 Nov 2001
Time: 18:41:34


Please either communicate via the discussion forum (search for Denmark and reply to the thread) or to me your likelihood of making this event and what you desire.

From Ib,

I have look for events and for the time, and it could be the largest race in Denmark the 3-4 august. It is a Town race in central Copenhagen. This race will need FIA paper. But there will be a place for old cars on the race ground and maybe there will be “Show Race” out of competition for special selected cars (as Jupiter). There is a Web site <> Look under CCCC.

So those that have papers/licences could race, Practice Saturday and race Sunday. We, The Danish Group (Ib, Claus , Niels) could so arrange some event “Rally” on normal Danish road, Saturday with up to 50 sports cars from Denmark together with rest of the group, and so look at the race Sunday, For those that not will look at the race, there could be some tourist things.

But there is some event in every Week-end in August and in September, but I have not more details now. However If you choose the days I will find or make some special “rally” event with my friends over here. Normally when we make “rally” its easy to get over 50-60 cars and some times over 200 cars together . So I can tell them there will be some things to look at.

About the rest of the days over here, I must have more details of days before/after. Then I can make a list of things to do, and find some place to sleep / and eat. Now I have look for things so we could meet all the Danish Jupiter owner and Tourist things near by . I make a list of email addresses later

Regards Ib

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