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Re: Distributors

From: Keith Clements
Category: Javelin
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Date: 12 Nov 2001
Time: 17:36:04


I have repaired many distributors with worn pins and holes simply by welding or braising the worn bits. I did write this up in a Jowetteer some years back. I can dig out the article, probably! Any how I set the distributor up with a protractor to measure the max advance and filed the hole after welding until I get the desired value which is half the crankshaft degrees. Also adjusted spring tension to get the desired advance curve using a drill to spin at desired revs. Low tech but it is what I race and rally on. Alternatively they can be rebuilt for about 80. Trevor Spero had one done, which reminds me he owes me a distributor! I proved this wear was the cause of overheating....

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