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Bowman engine mount oil cooler - Jupiter

From: Jowett, Rick
Category: Jupiter
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Date: 10 Nov 2001
Time: 11:57:23


Dear Keith,

Sure, a picture would be just what I'm looking for. Thanks for your offer. Kip and I have talked, and he wants about $500 for a re-make. Thats alot of money. So I'm going to at least try and get my hands on an original first, even pictures and dimensions as a start. I want to do my homework first, then as an option I can always spend $500 and have Kip remake the oil cooler/tubulars.


Kind Regards,

RICK ........

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A similar cooler that fits a Morris Mini is readily available in the UK and has been used on Jups and Javelins in that position.I have mine fitted on the bulkhead away from stones and out of the way for maintenance of the engine. I can probably send a pic and get prices if you want. You could try Kip Motor Company Inc, 2127 Crown Road, Dallas, Texas 75229 USA.

Also trading under the name KMC Motor Services

Kip Lankanau supplies many useful parts for orphan cars. He knows about Jupiters as he owns a nice example himself. many Jowett Jupiter parts available. He E-mails "We have shop and parts manuals, interior kits (leather or vinyl), tops, tonneaus and most anything else".

Tel: (972)243-0440 Fax: (972)243-2387 E-mail:

Regards KC

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Hello fellow Jupiter Owners,

I am trying to locate a vintage correct oil cooler with tubulars and fittings for my 1952 Jupiter (E2SAL813).

The type I am searching for is a Bowman unit mounted on the front of the engine, lower passenger side. From vintage photos (1952) this seems to be the vintage correct one for E2SAL813. Below is an image of the cooler and tubing's that I am interested in.

<<oilcool1.gif>> My goal is to find an oil cooler as pictured above and install it on E2SAL813. However, it is more likely that I will need to re-manufacture the cooler in Houston, TX from a template of an older one, or from pictures of an existing one on someone's Jupiter.

If you have this type of oil cooler fitted to your Jupiter please email reply to me so I can ask you some questions, possibly have you take some detailed pictures, etc.

If you have any information, ideas or leads that may be helpful to me in my search for this particular cooler, I encourage you to email reply to me.

Thank you for your time.

Rick ...................

R. A. Jowett Senior Professional Geophysicist Deepwater Business Unit - Central Gulf of Mexico 713-609-4218

Have a Great Day!

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