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Rally of the Tests

From: Howard Bryan
Category: Social
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Date: 10 Nov 2001
Time: 11:05:52


Dear Keith

I don't know whether you are familiar with this one . It is going to be run by the Classic Rally Association at the end of November. The objective is to replicate the RAC rally as it was in the fifties. start is in Blackpool and it finishes two days later in Brighton with a fair number of tests thrown in. I am in the throws of preparation at the moment. Not an easy task as I am not at all skilled in motor mechanics ( as you just might remember from the trip to Le Mans) . Worse still, time is a difficult commodity to come by at the moment.

So far I have removed the comfortable bench seat that I had reupholstered and replaced it with a couple of rally seats that don't look too bad. I am fitting a lap belt for me and a harness for the poor sod who will be sitting next to me. Apart from seeing that everything is as waterproof as possible and ensuring the heater works and the washers squirt and the lights work, have you any particular tips you might be willing to pass on for an event of this type. I want to make sure we finish since it is quite expensive but above all HKU 56 will be the only Jupiter and one of the oldest cars in the rally. In our class we have various Mk 1 Sprites and a Lotus Elite, would you believe.

Dennis Sparrow is currently sorting the steering rack for me and I am having the speedo and trip rebuilt. I am not sure how we shall go on trying to callibrate it.

One question that I have discussed with Geoff McAuley - what do you think of the oil pressure if it ticks over at an indicated 20-25psi and indicates 50 when hot and being pushed. I note that some Jupiters run at considerably higher oil pressure than this and it has been suggeated that earlier engines had smaller bore oilways. Personally, even if they did I wouldn't have thought it would account for the difference - I have seen engines indivating 70-80psi hot. Geoff feels pretty relaxed. The engine runs well and was rebuilt a few thousand miles ago ( though about ten years in time ago!) What views do you have on this subject. I'd be interested too hear from you.

I have just been looking at the Jupoter website. It is amazing how much material there is on it now. I hope you have had a good summer with your car apart from stripping the 1st gear. Look forward to hearing from you, if only briefly

All good wishes

Howard Jupiter HKU56

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