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Note the player will stutter and show stills when downloading if you double click on the link. If you right click and 'save target as' and then play the resultant file by double clicking on it you should get a movie.

Please advise keith@jowett.org if you have problems.

Having spent a few evenings playing with different video players, cables and plugs, operating systems and video editing software, I present to you the latest clips. The following are in Windows Movie Format .

LE MANS 2001 I am still learning, but here is the LeMans video with the start and cornering of Peter Dixon with sound and reasonable editing (686kb). The above is compressed for e-mail use but here is just the corner in higher definition (401Kb) but for some unexplained reason no sound.  I recommend this-  my edit of the R1 bits in higher quality at 3MB. Note the commentator cannot tell a Talbot from a Jowett.

DISINTEGRATING JAVELIN. Having cracked the sound problem, here is the John Cleese presentation of the Michael Palin and Graham Chapman demolition of a Javelin. Yes, JCC did complain at the time! It is in two qualities. The 7.7MB one will take 19minutes on a 56k modem whereas the low quality will only take 2minutes 48 secs. Both lost their colour in transposition, one day I will find out why. By the way, the original AVI file was 2600MB so quite a compression what? See below for MPEG compressions.

SAHARA MARATHON 1998, in-car footage with AMY and KEITH.

Low Quality. 2.3MB

Medium 8.3MB  

Higher 19MB(49 minutes with 56k modem)

Commentary and shouts by Amy on a very bumpy road.

MPEG1. Find videos in both PAL for Europe and NTSC for North America below. All are in MPEG1 format and should play with Windows Media Player which does not seem to mind which format you feed it. You only need to worry when sending to a video CD player and TV. Note these are currently on a slow 512k network link.

First is the clip of Pete Dixon at LeMans in 2001.  NTSC  3.1MB   PAL  3.2MB.   Sorry I cut the commentary short. I will resample one day. The commentator said it was the class winner.

Next is a clip of Mr Billy Skelly who followed us back to the hotel in the Isle of Mann and enthralled us with his recall of racing Jupiters.  NTSC  4.6 MB PAL 7.8MB  There is lots more of this 'interview' . One day I will capture his enthusiasm when he recalled the driving.

Here is a long one so do not try downloading unless you have a fast link.  It is now 46MB!  It is the John Cleese sketch showing a Javelin disintegrating.  It has been transposed from NTSC and I have not had time to find out what happened to the colour, or should it be color.  NTSC 51MB Yes fifty one PAL Fawlty six. Note that the lip synch leaves something to be desired. I will sort eventually.... There is also a few seconds noise to start with so be patient.

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