KEY   con= connector, others may be required           Ignition off circuits Ignition on circuits lamp switch circuits
battery - w1 cutoff + cutoff - w2 chassis
battery+ w3 starter relay + starter relay - w4 starter clutch/starter w5 chassis
starter relay + w6 ammeter + ammeter - w7 regulator A regulator E w8 chassis
regulator F w9 Dynamo F
Reading left to right and top to bottom gives logical flow of current for fault analysis. regulator D w10 Dynamo +
regulator D w11 Ign Warning + Ign Warning - w12 w12 fuse 1
regulator A1 w13 Ign switch in Ign on w14 fuse 1 in fuse 1 w15 relay 1 coil relay 1 earth w16 earth bus
FUSES Ign Warning - w17 starter push starter push out w18 starter relay coil
1 Ignition on-Engine starter push w19 petrol gauge petrol gauge w20 petrol sender petrol sender earth w21 chassis
2 Side Lights fuse 1 w22 petrol pump petrol pump w23 chassis
3 Head lamp coils fuse 1 w24 Ignition coil SW Ignition coil CB w25 Distributor
4 Heater, Washer, Wiper, Reverse, Overdrive Ignition coil CB w26 tacho sense
5 Fan and temp gauges fuse 1 w27 tacho + tacho - w28 earth bus
6 Stop lamp Side on w29 fuse 2 in fuse 2 w30 panel switch panel switch out w31 panel lights x6 panel lights x6-e w32 earth bus
7 Clock, indicator, horn fuse 2 w33 con 4 way w34 side f/n
8 Radio con 4 way w35 side f/o
9 Fan power con 4 way w36 con side r w37 side r/n lamp - w38 earth
10 Reading lamp and 4 way lighter for sat nav con side r w39 side r/o lamp - w40 earth
11 Horn power con side r w41 number plate lamp - w42 earth
12 Rear fog power fuse 2 w43 rear fog switch rear fog switch out w44 relay 4 coil relay 4 earth w45 earth bus
13 Fog power rear fog switch out w157 rear fog indicator rear fog indicator e w158 earth
14 Spot power fuse 2 w46 fog switch fog switch out w47 relay 5 coil relay 5 earth w48 earth bus
15 Head power Head on w49 fuse 3 in fuse 3 w50 dip switch in dip switch head w51 spot switch spot switch out w52 relay 6 coil relay 6 earth w53 earth bus
16 Dip power spot switch out w171 spot indicator spot indicator e w172 earth
Relays dip switch head w54 relay 7 coil relay 7 earth w55 earth bus
1 Ignition 30A SPDT Auto 12Vdc Code: N00AW 1.98 A1 fused circuits are connected via a power bus. Relayed ignition circuits are linked at fuses. relay 7 coil w56 headlamp indicator headlamp indicator - w57 earth
2 Fan 30A SPDT Auto 12Vdc Code: N00AW 1.98 dip switch dip w58 relay 8 coil relay 8 earth w59 earth bus
3 Horn 30A SPDT Auto 12Vdc Code: N00AW 1.98 regulator A1 w60 power bus
4 Rear fog 30A SPDT Auto 12Vdc Code: N00AW 1.98 power bus relay 1 feed relay 1 out w61 fuse 4 in fuse 4 w62 heater control heater control out w63 heater heater e w64 earth
5 Fog 30A SPDT Auto 12Vdc Code: N00AW 1.98 fuse 4 w65 washer switch washer switch out w66 washer washer e w67 earth
6 Spot 30A SPDT Auto 12Vdc Code: N00AW 1.98 fuse 4 w68 wiper switch wiper switch out w69 wiper wiper e w70 earth
7 Head 30A SPDT Auto 12Vdc Code: N00AW 1.98 fuse 4 w71 reverse switch reverse switch NO w72 relay 10 coil relay 10 earth w73 earth bus
8 Dip 30A SPDT Auto 12Vdc Code: N00AW 1.98 fuse 4 w74 relay 10 feed relay 10 out w75 reverse lamp reverse lamp e w76 earth
9 Overdrive 30A SPDT Auto 12Vdc Code: N00AW 1.98 reverse switch NC w77 overdrive dash switch overdrive dash switch out w78 relay 9 coil relay 9 earth w79 earth bus
10 Reverse 30A SPDT Auto 12Vdc Code: N00AW 1.98 fuse 4 w80 relay 9 feed relay 9 out w81 overdrive overdrive e w82 earth
11 Hazard connect 30A SPDT Auto 12Vdc Code: N00AW 1.98 relay 9 out w83 overdrive indicator overdrive indicator e w84 earth
12 Hazard on 30A SPDT Auto 12Vdc Code: N00AW 1.98 relay 9 out w85 clutch switch clutch switch out w86 relay 9 coil
13 Indicator 140102 6.75 link fuse 4 in link fuse 5 in fuse 5 w87 fan switch fan switch out w88 relay 2 coil relay 2 earth w89 earth bus
SWITCHES fan switch out w185 fan indicator fan indicator e w186 earth
starter push 12mm Large Push-to-Make 1.79 fuse 5 w90 fan thermostat fan thermostat out w91 relay 2 coil
panel switch Orig fan switch w92 oil temp gauge oil temp gauge out w93 oil thermistor
fog switch Orig FH91Y oil temp gauge w94 head temp gauge head temp gauge out w95 SPDT switch C SPDT switch N w96 water thermistor N
heater control Orig or rheostat SPDT switch O w97 water thermistor O
wiper switch Orig link fuse 6 in fuse 6 w98 Stop light switch Stop light switch out w99 con stop lamp w100 con stop lamp lamp - w101 earth
dip switch SPDT Orig con stop lamp w102 lamp lamp - w103 earth
Stop light switch SPST Orig fuse 6 w104 Brake Fluid Level lamp Brake Fluid Level lamp w105 Level detector Level detector e w106 earth
clutch switch SPST Push Red Push to Make Sw FH59P 1.29 1A
reverse SPDT micro Std-Microsw/Lever GW72P 1.59 power bus fuse 7 in fuse 7 w107 clock
Hazard illum red Red IL Lk Push Swtch N04AR 2.58 fuse 7 w108 indicator relay + indicator relay R w109 warning lamp warning lamp e w110 earth
rear fog switch illum green indicator relay C w111 indicator switch indicator switch N w112 con 4 way w113 ind f/N lamp - w114 earth
spot switch SPST illum blue con 4 way w115 ind r/N lamp - w116 earth
washer switch SPST illum red wiper warning momentary indicator switch O w117 con 4 way w118 ind f/O lamp - w119 earth
fan switch SPST illum green con 4 way w120 ind r/O lamp - w121 earth
overdrive dash switch illum blue indicator relay C w122 relay 12 feed relay 12 out w123 indicator switch N indicator switch N w124 relay 11 feed relay 11 out w125 indicator switch O
Head temp SPDT switch below gauge Sub-Min Toggle A FH00A 2. 29 fuse 7 w126 hazard switch hazard switch no w127 relay 12 coil relay 12 coil e w128 earth
hazard switch no w129 relay 11 coil relay 11 coil e w130 earth
fuse 7 w131 relay 3 coil relay 3 coil out w132 Horn Slip ring Horn Slip ring w133 Horn Push
power bus fuse 8 in fuse 8 w134 radio radio e w135 earth
radio O speaker w136 Speaker w137 earth
radio N speaker w138 Speaker w139 earth
Warning Lamps power bus fuse 9 in fuse 9 w140 relay 2 feed relay 2 out w141 fan fan out w142 earth
Ign Warning + orig power bus fuse 10 in fuse10 w143 reading lamp with switch
overdrive indicator in switch fuse10 w144 4 way lighter socket with switch socket-e w145 earth
rear fog indicator in switch power bus fuse 11 in fuse11 w146 relay 3 feed relay 3 out w147 horn horn out w148 earth
Brake Fluid Level lamp wiper warning orig relay 3 out w149 horn horn out w150 earth
indicator warning lamp in hazard switch power bus fuse 12 in fuse 12 w151 relay 4 feed relay 4 out w152 con rear fog w153 lamp lamp - w154 earth
headlamp indicator orig? con rear fog w155 lamp lamp - w156 earth
power bus fuse 13 in fuse 13 w159 relay 5 feed relay 5 out w160 con fog w161 lamp lamp - w162 earth
390ohm resistors con fog w163 lamp lamp - w164 earth
power bus fuse 14 in fuse 14 w165 relay 6 feed relay 6 out w166 con spot w167 lamp lamp - w168 earth
con spot w169 lamp lamp - w170 earth
power bus fuse 15 in fuse 15 w173 relay 7 feed relay 7 out w174 con head w175 lamp lamp - w176 earth
con head w177 lamp lamp - w178 earth
power bus fuse 16 in fuse 16 w179 relay 8 feed relay 8 out w180 con dip w181 lamp lamp - w182 earth
con dip w183 lamp lamp - w184 earth